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The Company and its Business

With more than 27 years of experience in the International Consulting market segment of the franchising, licensing, distribution and retail industries, Le Sante International targets the following business groups:

  • US brands attempting to expand internationally.
  • International brands looking to begin development of their concept in the US.
  • US brands endeavoring to expand from regional to national status.
  • International brands expanding outside of their current borders.

Our clients range from major established international brands to small and mid-size companies considering expansion for the long-term health of their brand.

The services provided to these organizations include:

  • Strategic Expansion Consultancy
  • International Matchmaking Network
  • International Partnership Development
  • Brokerage Services
  • In-House Mentoring, Training and Coaching

Lost in Translation?

Our Services.

Strategic Expansion Consulting

We have a distinctive and tested operating model, consisting of disciplined procedures for evaluating the clients’ business format to determine its international expansion potential. This process allows us to provide the client with a detailed Needs Analysis and recommend the most appropriate development strategy. We will work closely with our clients in the implementation of processes, training sales and management personnel and coaching their executive team as to best practices to follow.

International Concierge Program

This exclusive feature provides you with our expertise advice and access to do’s and don’ts of International Business. We will work together to define and design the best use of our services, from basic coaching, executive advice and team building, to planned execution of your international expansion plans. We will tackle issues as simple as visa requirements, to where and how to stay safe while traveling overseas.

With access to a network of professional service entities prepared to assist in the technical aspects of international documentation, government filings and mandatory administrative requirements, we make your expansion efforts seem effortless.

With almost 20 years in the Health & Beauty business, Arlene decided to leave the corporate world and join forces with William in creating Le Sante International.

Since day one she has been a staunch supporter of the firms efforts in assisting our clients with all of their needs for growth. Although most of her work has taken place behind the scenes, contributing in needs assessment and candidate evaluation; she has participated in trade events and conferences all over the world, actively promoting our catalogue of brands.

She is both bi-lingual and bi-cultural with a niche in understanding our client’s needs, while making certain that they are partnered with candidates meeting our customer’s established profiles.

Arlene can be reached directly at: arlene@lesante.com or on Skype at: lesante2

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